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Welcome to the Warburton Website, which includes my Warburton One-Name Study, and Warburton DNA Project. To learn more about this site please visit the various sub-page under the About menu item.

I hope you will find this site useful in your own studies of Warburton family history. You are invited to subscribe to receive notifications of future Posts about my research, future site updates, or anything else of interest.

I also welcome questions, comments, and anything you have which may enhance the site. I am also always on the lookout for new participants in the Warburton DNA project.

Ray Warburton

Warburton Event in London – August 23rd

It is jus a week now until the Warburton Event in London. It is being held in conjunction with a Family History Day for the members of New Horizons, our hosts for the day.

In that context my talks on Family History in the morning, and DNA and Family History in the afternoon, will be aimed at a general audience, but all my examples and stories will be based on my experiences with the Warburton One Name Study. I will also have lots of study outputs, including clan family trees, DNA charts, Newsletters, and materials on famous Warburtons that you can browse at your leisure.

There will also be computers available for research.

I hope to see some of you there, especially if Altrincham event in September is too far for you. It will be a chance to meet and discuss matters of mutual interest.

For information about the venue, including directions please use the following link to the New Horizons website.

Warburton Day 2017

Warrington Horse Show

The picture below was sent to me by John Warburton. It shows his great grandfather Thomas Warburton (on the right) with Sir Gilbert Greenhall, First Lord Daresbury, at the Warrington Horse Show. The origins of the Warrington Horse Show go…

New FamilyTree DNA Sale

A sale has been announced that runs from the 20th to 27th April. Price reductions on popular tests are below. Note that savings are based on full prices not already reduced project prices. For example the Y37 price is already reduced to $149 if ordered through the Warburton project. Still $20 is not to be sniffed at.

Family Finder $59 save $20
mtFull Sequence $149 save $50
Y37 (not upgrade) $129 save $40
Y67 (not upgrade) $209 save $59
Y111 (not upgrade) $289 save $70
BigY $425 save $150
SNP Backbone $79 save $20
SNP Pack $89 save $30

If you are interested in any of these tests please let me know.