The Cross in the Heather

Fig. 1. Sergeant (later Flight Lieutenant) Leonard Arthur Warburton

On August 31st 1941 Sergeant Warburton was 2nd wireless operator/gunner on Wellington R 1703-J which participated in a 108 plane attack on Cologne. The plane was from the 101st Squadron based at Oakington, Cambridgeshire and commanded by Pilot Officer John Frederick Ashton, aged 22. The four other crew members were Sergeant Ernest Lane, Observer, Sergeant John Redden, wireless operator, Sergeant Robert Wood, second pilot, and Sergeant John Hutton, rear gunner.

Two hours after take-off the plane was shot down whilst returning from the raid by a German night fighter and crashed in flames onto a heath at Boxbergheide, near Genk in Belgium.

A Near Miss

  This photo and story were provided by Warren Warburton, grandson of William Henry. From left to right are William Henry Warburton with his daughters Clarice and Beatrice, and sons William and Warren (father of Warren). A fifth sibling, Marion,…

Warburton Days

The Warburton Days in London and Altrincham provided some interesting discussions and inputs, but the numbers were low. In fact only one attendee from last year returned this time. In one way the lower numbers were an advantage as I…

Atltrincham Day

Here are the details of the Warburton Day on Saturday September 9th. I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible. The introduction of a couple of talks with Q&A sessions will hopefully add interest, and give me feedback on the nature and frequency of future events.