New FamilyTree DNA Sale

A sale has been announced that runs from the 20th to 27th April. Price reductions on popular tests are below. Note that savings are based on full prices not already reduced project prices. For example the Y37 price is already reduced to $149 if ordered through the Warburton project. Still $20 is not to be sniffed at.

Family Finder $59 save $20
mtFull Sequence $149 save $50
Y37 (not upgrade) $129 save $40
Y67 (not upgrade) $209 save $59
Y111 (not upgrade) $289 save $70
BigY $425 save $150
SNP Backbone $79 save $20
SNP Pack $89 save $30

If you are interested in any of these tests please let me know.

A New SNP Panel for the Lancashire Clan

I have just set up a new SNP Panel at YSEQ for the Lancashire Clan. It is called the R1b-A11378 Panel.

To interpret, this is a DNA test which tests for the best 6 mutations that were unique to Eric Warburton in his BigY DNA test, plus the last one he shared with anyone else.

The objective is to build a Tree of Trees, or a tree that links all the clan trees of the Lancashire Group together. This done by testing one person from each clan to see how many of Eric’s unique mutations they share. The result might be something like the sketch below.