Call for BigY Coupons

It seems my interpretation of the Family Tree DNA Xmas sale offer on BigY tests was wrong. I thought that to eligible you had to have done a 111 marker STR test, which very few of us have. But any STR test will do.

So my plan to purchase another Lancashire Group BigY is back on, especially following Clive’s generous donation to my General Fund, which now stands at $66. My chosen candidate has agreed, so all I need now is a BigY coupon to get a further reduction on the $475 cost.

If any of you get such a reduction ($25 seems the standard) please could I have it? Any donation to my General Fund would also be particularly welcome at this time.

Profile of Leslie Warburton, Cricketer

The following profile was written and sent to my by Colin Warburton, Leslie’s son. It is also interesting to note that Leslie was related to Doreen Warburton the actress whose obituary is included in my last newsletter. They were second cousins one removed I believe. A cursory examination of their ancestry suggests they are from a branch of the Edenfield clan, but more study is needed to confirm this and document their branch.

Bruce Warburton Midget Car Racer

In the 1930s the new sport of speedway racing was gaining in popularity. Arguably the finest of the speedway tracks was at Belle Vue in Manchester which opened in 1928. Speedway racing was for motor bikes, but interest began to develop in racing cars on the speedway tracks. In the early 1930’s there were a number of demonstration events.

Six foot two car salesman Bruce Warburton was involved in the Manchester Midgets from the very start.

The Cross in the Heather

Fig. 1. Sergeant (later Flight Lieutenant) Leonard Arthur Warburton

On August 31st 1941 Sergeant Warburton was 2nd wireless operator/gunner on Wellington R 1703-J which participated in a 108 plane attack on Cologne. The plane was from the 101st Squadron based at Oakington, Cambridgeshire and commanded by Pilot Officer John Frederick Ashton, aged 22. The four other crew members were Sergeant Ernest Lane, Observer, Sergeant John Redden, wireless operator, Sergeant Robert Wood, second pilot, and Sergeant John Hutton, rear gunner.

Two hours after take-off the plane was shot down whilst returning from the raid by a German night fighter and crashed in flames onto a heath at Boxbergheide, near Genk in Belgium.