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Welcome to the Warburton Website, which includes my Warburton One-Name Study, and Warburton DNA Project. To learn more about this site please visit the various sub-page under the About menu item.

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The Warburton DNA Project enhances the knowledge gained from traditional genealogical research. For example about half of all Warburtons belong to one of two groups, one descended from a Norman knight, the other from a Saxon inhabitant of the village of Warburton. Several smaller groups have also been identified. My DNA Project has devised a low cost strategy to determine if you belong to one of these groups, so please contact me (click my picture to the right) if you are interested.

I also welcome questions, comments, and anything you have which may enhance the site.

Ray Warburton

Tottington Photos

I was recently sent the following photos by Janet Holden. They are of her grandparents, mother and aunt who belonged to the Tottington clan. However they weren’t yet included in the clan so I have updated the clan as well…

Cheshire Group Thoughts

A week last Friday I travelled up to Altrincham to meet my genetic cousin John. John is now resident in Australia but was making what is becoming an annual pilgrimage to the Warrington Horse Show, which actually takes place in…

FTDNA Fathers Day Sale

FamilyTreeDNA have announced a Father’s Day Sale which ends on June 18th. Prices include: Big Y-500 – $499 (save $176) Y – 37 (the basic Warburton Project test) – $129 (save $20) Y- 37 to Big Y-500 upgrade –  $469…

Autosomal DNA Testing

Occasionally people join the Warburton Project to order the FamilyFinder test. I have no objection to this, though I’m not sure there is a financial advantage. Also I’m sure a lot of you will have taken the Ancestry DNA test,…

A Tilston Clan Photograph

I was recently sent this photograph by Lorna Bowden. It has been added to the Misc. Photos section of the Gallery, and a note has been added to the Tilston Clan tree.

This photo of Richard Warburton (1831-1913) of the Tilston clan, with his daughters Celia and Margaret, was provided by Lorna Bowdon, Margaret’s great great granddaughter. Margaret married a Danish Sea Captain named Rasmus Madsen.

Early Bury Parish Records

I have recently published the Warburton entries in the Bury, St Mary parish registers up to 1700. This came out of my continuing study of the Peters in the Edenfield area and their relationship to the Edenfield clan. This has also included listing the entries at Edenfield, Holcombe, and Newchurch in Rossendale. These will be published shortly along with a paper on my findings. Please note my comments below on the amount of guesswork in the Families list.

The entries can be accessed from the Parishes page, and the sidebar. The text below also appears on the Parishes page.