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Welcome to the Warburton Website, which includes my Warburton One-Name Study, and Warburton DNA Project. To learn more about this site please visit the various sub-pages under the About menu item.

I hope you will find this site useful in your own studies of Warburton family history. You are invited to subscribe to receive notifications of future Posts about my research, future site updates, or anything else of interest.

The Warburton DNA Project enhances the knowledge gained from traditional genealogical research. For example about half of all Warburtons belong to one of two groups, one descended from a Norman knight, the other from a Saxon inhabitant of the village of Warburton. Several smaller groups have also been identified. My DNA Project has devised a low cost strategy to determine if you belong to one of these groups, so please contact me (click my picture to the right) if you are interested.

The site includes a Contact Me page. I welcome questions, comments, and anything you have which may enhance the site. There is also a Reach Out page for you to submit anything you would like to me to share with Subscribers via a Post.

Ray Warburton

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Lancashire Group DNA Update

I have updated the Lancashire Group Haplotree and Lancashire Group description following an assessment of the various new test results received following recent DNA Sales. The description explains the haplotree and provides additional information.

One thing that soon became clear is my previous version of these documents were based on some invalid assumptions around ‘discovered SNP matches based on SNPs identified in the lists of non-matching variants identified for various matches. As a result the 2 documents are significantly different from the previous versions.

I will copy the significant sections of the document into this Post, but you will need to access the full documents to see the Haplotree itself, and the additional information in the document.

Lancashire Group Results

Eight of the thirteen members of the Lancashire Group have taken a Big Y-700 test, and a further member has a BigY-500 result. This result is from the Edenfield clan, which is the clan with the deepest history, going back to circa 1500.The BigY-700 results are from the Bury and Massachusetts, Bury and Finland, Haslingden and Utah, Haslingden, Radcliffe and New South Wales (NSW) clans, and the Prestwich family.  The eighth BigY-700 result is from a descendent via a non-paternal event from an as yet undocumented family from Clayton, Yorkshire……….

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We are the Chosen

Dorothy Dobson sent me a version of the poem “We are the Chosen’ by an Anonymous author. I did a bit of research and found a version of the poem on the Genealogy Girl site here. The wording is slightly different, but more significantly an attribution is included. As the site owner states, it has not been verified, but it does explain that the original was edited more than once.

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Exploiting the DNA Sale

So far the Warburton One-Name Project has documented 63 Clans and Families. Families are smaller trees with less than 50 Warburtons documented, Clans are larger trees, the largest of which has over 900 Warburtons.

However only 36 of them have a related DNA result, and only 19 of these are BigY-700 results. So there is plenty of scope to take advantage of the current sale at FTDNA. I appreciate tests are expensive, but the results can be of broad interest, so there are opportunities to share costs. There are also situations where the cheaper Y37 test would be worthwhile.

A useful first step would be to identify test candidates, and to worry about finance later. So I am seeking volunteers who would be willing to take a test if money was no issue. We can then evaluate the value of the test and plan how to make it happen. If you are interested please use the Contact Me Form to get in touch.

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Black Friday Sale

As I predicted the Early Bird sale at FamilyTreeDNA has morphed into the Black Friday Sale, running until November 30th. This time the Y37 test is reduced even further, from $119 to $79. BigY-700 is still reduced from $449 to $379, and an upgrade from Y37 to BigY-700 is reduced from $339 to $319.

The Y37 test is recommended if …

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Emigration Stories 3

Lancashire to Finland

In April 2022 I published the family tree of a new family, the Bury and Finland family, alongside a new DNA result from Finland that matched the Lancashire Group of Warburtons. The tree included a Thomas Warburton who emigrated to Finland in 1859 to manage a cotton spinning mill. Recently Susan Leggett sent a document written by her great uncle Thomas, the great grandson of the original Thomas. This article is based on that document. Susan is the granddaughter of Thomas’s sister Kate who emigrated from Finland, to Canada.

Thomas Henry Warburton
Author of the Memoir on the Family

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Emigration Stories 2

Timperley to Saskatchewan

This is the story of three sisters from the Poll Bank Clan who emigrated from Timperley to a remote rural area in Saskatchewan. It is based on information sent to me by Dorothy Dobson.

The first of the sisters to leave was Isabella, the third child of John Warburton, a market gardener in Timperley, and his wife Eleanor nee Sharpe.

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Emigration Stories 1

The recent upgrades to three clans were all initiated by information on emigrant families. This Post is about an emigrant family from the Garryhinch clan, who emigrated to the USA from Ireland. Subsequent Posts will focus on the emigration of 3 sisters from Timperley, Cheshire to Saskatchewan, and a family who emigrated from Lancashire to Finland, with a branch emigrating on to Canada.

Ireland to USA

Gary Merrill sent me information on the family of Anthony William Warburton who was born circa 1782.

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