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Welcome to the Warburton Website, which includes my Warburton One-Name Study, and Warburton DNA Project. To learn more about this site please visit the various sub-page under the About menu item.

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The site also includes a Forum where anyone can initiate or participate in conversations with other interested parties on any subject related to  Warburton family history. Anyone can view the Forum but you will need to register to participate.

The Warburton DNA Project enhances the knowledge gained from traditional genealogical research. For example about half of all Warburtons belong to one of two groups, one descended from a Norman knight, the other from a Saxon inhabitant of the village of Warburton. Several smaller groups have also been identified. My DNA Project has devised a low cost strategy to determine if you belong to one of these groups, so please contact me (click my picture to the right) if you are interested.

I also welcome questions, comments, and anything you have which may enhance the site.

Ray Warburton

DNA Document Updates

Following recent updates to the Lancashire and Cheshire group Haplotrees, to reflect recent results, I have now updated the DNA Results Commentary, and The Lancashire Group. There are also minor changes to The Cheshire Group, and further tweaks to the…

Warburton Lee

Alan Jenks recently sent me a copy of the obituary of Mrs Warburton Lee of Broad Oak, near Whitchurch, from the Crewe Chronicle of March 31st 1934. Warburton Lee, or Warburton-Lee, is a name I’ve come across before, but I’ve…