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  1. This is amazing. I am a descendent of the Duttons (Dunton) and have traced my ancestry back to Odard. Is this chart available as a copy? I would love to have a copy.

    1. I was loaned the Dutton Tree by Theo Dutton. I photographed it and returned it. I also transcribed it into a family tree program and placed the output on the website in full and simplified forms (see the Papers section).

      The original was quite large. It may be possible to photocopy it at a specialist printer but you would need to discuss that with Theo. I can put you in touch if you email me. Your hotmail address doesn’t seem to accept emails.

      As a Dunton is your direct descent from Odard via the female side at some point, or is it a male line descent with a change of name? Alternatively do you have Dutton cousins?

      A direct male line descendant from Odard would, assuming no unknown “mishaps” along the way, have a Y-chromosome virtually identical to Odard’s. We have a group of Duttons, and a group of Warburtons with matching Y-chromosomes and we presume the explanation is the documented Dutton-Warburton history. Date estimates fit nicely but are subject to quite large margins of error. However none of the Duttons has documented descent from Odard. To get a match from someone with document descent from Odard would be significant confirmation.

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