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  1. My father, Robert T. Wood, was on that plane. He also survived the crash, but was badly wounded. He became a POW. I am going to visit the memorial soon.

    1. Hi Katie, It is good to hear that you will be visiting the memorial soon. I wonder if your father saw the article in Newsletter 15 and pictures on this website. It all arose when I was contacted (as Len’s nephew and surviving relative) by someone who had ‘classified’ information about the events of August 1941 and my uncle’s escape, and wanted to know what else I could tell him. My uncle was a very private person and said little about it all. Although he corresponded with the family who initially hid him in Belgium, he declined an invitation to ‘unveil’ the memorial. I do know that when he went to Canada to train as a pilot, he met John Redden’s mother and I have a photograph of them both. The story appeared on this website after my sister mentioned it to Ray when she attended a Warburton Day on my behalf (I have been tracing the family tree, but was unable to attend the Day in person).

      1. I need to explore this website some more when I get to a real computer Monday. I stumbled across the site Saturday morning on my phone looking for more info on the memorial.

        My father died in 1969. Had he been alive, I wonder what he would have thought of it. I imagine he would have been pleased that his colleagues had been remembered.

        I learned of it several years ago when I was contacted by the folks who maintain the website about it. They had come across something I had written about my father in a newsletter that was at that time on the internet.

        It was from their site that I learned of your uncle. My father talked some about the war and being a POW, but I was fairly young when he died and we didn’t really ever have an adult conversation about it. There is so much more I would like to know.

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