Black Friday Sale

As I predicted the Early Bird sale at FamilyTreeDNA has morphed into the Black Friday Sale, running until November 30th. This time the Y37 test is reduced even further, from $119 to $79. BigY-700 is still reduced from $449 to $379, and an upgrade from Y37 to BigY-700 is reduced from $339 to $319.

The Y37 test is recommended if …

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Emigration Stories 3

Lancashire to Finland

In April 2022 I published the family tree of a new family, the Bury and Finland family, alongside a new DNA result from Finland that matched the Lancashire Group of Warburtons. The tree included a Thomas Warburton who emigrated to Finland in 1859 to manage a cotton spinning mill. Recently Susan Leggett sent a document written by her great uncle Thomas, the great grandson of the original Thomas. This article is based on that document. Susan is the granddaughter of Thomas’s sister Kate who emigrated from Finland, to Canada.

Thomas Henry Warburton
Author of the Memoir on the Family

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Emigration Stories 2

Timperley to Saskatchewan

This is the story of three sisters from the Poll Bank Clan who emigrated from Timperley to a remote rural area in Saskatchewan. It is based on information sent to me by Dorothy Dobson.

The first of the sisters to leave was Isabella, the third child of John Warburton, a market gardener in Timperley, and his wife Eleanor nee Sharpe.

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Emigration Stories 1

The recent upgrades to three clans were all initiated by information on emigrant families. This Post is about an emigrant family from the Garryhinch clan, who emigrated to the USA from Ireland. Subsequent Posts will focus on the emigration of 3 sisters from Timperley, Cheshire to Saskatchewan, and a family who emigrated from Lancashire to Finland, with a branch emigrating on to Canada.

Ireland to USA

Gary Merrill sent me information on the family of Anthony William Warburton who was born circa 1782.

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Joseph Richard Warburton

Newspaper Cutting
The Guardian December 28th 1915
Father of Ten Serving His Country
A notable instance of patriotism is that of Private Joseph Richard Warburton, of 122 Algernon Street, Warrington, who, notwithstanding the fact that he is the father of ten children, is nobly serving his King and country. He joined the Warrington Territorial Battalion soon after the outbreak of war, and has been on active service in France for over six months. In addition two of his sons are serving, Thomas Henry as a private in the 10th South Lancashire Regiment, and Joseph Richard as a private in the A.S.C.
Private Warburton, sen., has been in the service of Messrs. Peter Walker and Son, Ltd., of Warrington, for over a quarter of a century, while Joseph Richard has been emplyed by the same firm for the past eight years. The other son worked at Messrs. Rylands, Bros’. Private Warburton, sen., is well known and much respected by a wide circle of friends, and his patriotism in actively serving his country is a striking object lesson to many of the younger men in the town.
The large photograph is of the Warburton family, Mrs Warburton being at the centre of the group. On the extreme right of the group (sitting) is Private Joseph Richard Warburton, jun. while the inset picture is of Private Thomas Henry Warburton.

The above photo was sent to me by Tracey Malyan…

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Early Bird DNA Sale

A new DNA sale has been announced by FamilyTreeDNA with reductions across all their major products, The ones most relevant to the Warburton DNA Project are the Y37 test, reduced from $119 to $99, and the BigY-700 test reduced from $449 to $379. An upgrade from Y37 to BigY-700 is reduced from $339 to $319.

The Y37 test is recommended if you just want to see if you match one of the already identified Warburton groups. The BigY-700 test is necessary if you are not already linked to one of the lineages covered by my SNP Ages from the Discovery Tool document, or if your result will help place you more accurately in one of the group haplotrees. If you wish to discuss your situation please contact me. Some BigY candidate’s results will be of interest to other project members, raising the possibility of shared expense.

I am still awaiting one result from tests ordered in the last sale. When I get it I will be updating a number of project documents that present previous results.

The sale runs to November 20th. However in previous years such sales have been repeated or extended to cover Black Friday and Christmas.

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