Button Files Issue 13

I have just published Issue 13 of the Newsletter. It can be accessed from the Newsletters page, or the Newsletters section of the sidebar. This is the biggest so far, in terms of file size (it must be the pictures) so it may take a few seconds to load. It is designed to be easily downloaded or printed. Please let me know it it isn’t as my computer system may not be the same as yours.

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New Website Appearance

I’ve now implemented the most recent version of the Retina theme that controls the appearance of the website. I believe the changes are designed to improve the appearance on phones and tablets.

To read the full post you can click either the Read More button, or the post title. I have also increased the Recent Posts section of the sidebar to show the last 10 posts, and moved it nearer to the top of the sidebar.

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Warburton Family History Day

The Warburton Family History Day was held at the Altrincham Conservative Club last Saturday (October 15th). It was a highly successful day. Including myself and my helpers (i.e my wife, sisters and brothers-in-law) 80 people attended at some time during the day. The feedback I’ve had is that people enjoyed their time there.

The attendees included 4 people from Australia (two from Perth and two from Sydney) who had organised their holidays to Europe around their attendance. There was also a group from Liverpool who hired a minibus to join us. Jill Groves from the Altrincham History Society came to sell some of her books on local history. Charles Foster, the archivist at Arley Hall, (and brother-in-law of Viscount Ashbrook) was also there with some of his books.

This is the only picture of the day which includes me, in the blue jumper, by the window. This is the only picture of the day which includes me, in the blue jumper, by the window.

This one of a number of photos taken by David Hartland, and my wife Jan. You can see more on a new page devoted to the event in the Gallery.

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