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Sergeant William Warburton

Firstly this will be my last post (barring anything time sensitive) before the New Year so I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I have added five new photos to the the Miscellaneous Photos section of the Gallery. Two were provided by Robin Hunt. In fact he tried to give me four at the Warburton Family History Day but I was unable to scan them, though I took prints of two of them. Robin also gave me a handwritten tree of his ancestors and they appear to be a branch of the Haslingden clan who migrated across to Yorkshire. I will try and transcribe them in due course.

Another two photos were sent me by Robert Warburton of Clitheroe of a couple of his relatives in the Edenfield clan.

Finally the photo below was sent to me by George Highton, though he knew little about it. In fact Sergeant William Warburton is from the Sandbach clan and I already had details about him from his great granddaughter Heather Jones which I have repeated below.

Sergeant William Warburton (in uniform on the right).

Warburton Day 2017

Following the success of the Warburton family History Day last October at the Altrincham Conservative Club I have booked the same venue for a repeat in 2017. The date is Saturday September 9th. I’ve had a number of suggestions and thoughts…

Tree Updates

Following on from my recent update to the Edenfield Clan I have realised that as well as the Halmote records Robert also sent me an updated version of the tree with more detail in his own branch. I have added…