Papal Marriage Dispensation

Trudy Norbury sent me a link to the following magnificently preserved document.

It is from The Manchester University Library Image Collection, and part of the Rylands Collection. It is a Papal dispensation for marriage or Papal bull. It was created on May 14th 1469 and is a …

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S6881 Group on Yahoo

An S6881 group has been set up on Yahoo. This would be of interest to anyone from the Lancashire Group, whether you are one of those already DNA tested or not. I joined by invitation. We think you can join by following this link and selecting the group but since I’ve already joined I can’t test it.

Would someone like to try and let me know if it works?

UPDATE: David Clifford Warburton has confirmed the link works.

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Additional Warburton Day in London?

It has been suggested to me that it would be worth running a Warburton Day in London for those who can’t make the trek north to Altrincham. More importantly I have been offered premises for such an event.

The premises are New Horizons, a drop-in centre which has a building near to
Sloan Square in London.

A mid-week day in August would be best and I have penciled in Wednesday August 23rd.

The purpose of this post is to gauge interest in such an event. It would be similar to (a rehearsal for) the event in Altrincham on September 9th.

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