New Cheshire Group Haplotree

I have produced a new version of the haplotree that is in The Cheshire Group document on the DNA Project Page. It is a new document as it is getting too big to include in the original. That in The Cheshire Group is unchanged for now but will be removed on the next rewrite. In producing it I also did a new Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA) calculation for 3 Warburtons and 2 Duttons that have 111 marker STR results. This is also linked to from the DNA Project Page.

My objective in producing the haplotree is to provide a basis for forthcoming work on Cheshire Group SNPs.  We have 2 BigY results (including mine) which have produced 14 new SNPs that occurred after the Warburton-Dutton split. I have now had tests created at YSEQ for these SNPs, though there are 4 they don’t recommend for various reasons.
So getting back to the 6 unique SNPs from the Percy Grey family I am keen to test these on representatives of the other four Partington clans. It doesn’t have to be the the person who tested originally. If you are up for it please let me know.

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