S6881 Result

I have now had Robert’s result from my S6881 Panel at YSEQ. To recap S6881 is the most recent DNA SNP (mutation) shared by all members of the Lancashire Group, and the S6881 panel is a test of known mutations below S6881 that allows the construction of a haplotree like the one included in my document on The Lancashire Group (see the DNA Page).

Robert is from the Edenfield Clan, and his result is identical to Eric of the recently documented Bury and Massachusetts Clan. Their most recent SNP is dated around 1266AD (plus or minus 500 years; the range is wide because there are so few results so far). Their common ancestor will have lived later than this and we could get an idea of when by seeing how many of Eric’s unique SNPs Robert shares. Eric has 7 unique SNPs which will have occurred since the last known shared SNP. It is reckoned SNPs occur every 100-150 years.

I was a little surprised that Robert fitted so neatly with Eric. Robert was an experiment as I began with just a 12 marker STR test and by rights with the number of mismatches he had with the other Lancashire Group members he was not a close match. However a couple of his more unusual values were similar to the other group members so I took a chance and tested him for SNP Z343 which was the most recent Eric had tested at the time. He matched, and I subsequently tested him for S6881, which he also matched.

So what have I learned from all this? Well firstly I am more confident that the other Lancashire Group members will be at least as close to Eric, except for Ian and the Tottington Clan. Although Ian is also S6881 all his subsequent SNPs are different. Whilst all the other Lancashire Group members will have a common ancestor who was either the adopter of the Warburton surname or his descendant, their shared common ancestor with Ian probably lived earlier (but probably in the village of Warburton), and his line adopted the Warburton name separately. Also the Edenfield clan tree goes back to the 16th century in the Edenfield area and I would expect the common ancestor of the group (other than the Tottington clan) also lived in that area.

I have also learned that starting with the cheapest available STR test and following it up with targeted SNP tests is a valid strategy. If anyone would like to try it please get in touch.

The next step for the Lancashire Group is to develop a new Panel at YSEQ based on Eric’s 7 unique SNPs, and to test the other Group members. This will allow a haplotree to be built showing how the different clans link to each other. My only concern would be that Eric’s more distant relations would have some unique SNPs of their own which would enhance the panel. Unfortunately testing to uncover new SNPs is much more expensive than testing specific known SNPs.

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