Ashley and Morley Clan

I have just published the Ashley and Morley Clan. The Morley part was sent to me ages ago by Harold Schofield, and last September I posted about how I had changed the origin of his tree. I decided that the William who headed the clan was in fact the son of Josiah and Martha of Ashley. This lead me to research Josiah and Martha and their many other branches. Some of the links are not totally proven but are the best guess on the information available. Josiah is a recurring name in clan, and I feel the clan is linked in some way to my Hale Barns Clan and the Cheshire Group.

I did not follow all the lines, so more work can be done. Also it must be a priority to find a DNA candidate to see if the Hale Barns link can be verified. Many of the clan’s branches are in Altrincham which leads neatly into my upcoming Warburton Day in Altrincham.

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