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Bob Warburton alerted me to an item in the Altrincham Messenger. An ex-Hale resident has possession of a 200 year old bible with details of several Warburton births and marriages. Her own Warburton connection is remote in that her mother’s aunt, Jesse Reid, was married to a Joseph Warburton. Therefore she would like to return the bible to William’s descendants.

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The inscription is as follows:

William Warburton: Hale Field: January 12, 1852
William Warburton and Elizabeth Owen were married at St Margaret’s Church, Bowdon on the 8th day of March 1859.
Joseph Warburton, son of the said William Warburton and Elizabeth, his wife born on 8th of January 1860 – baptized at St Margaret Church, Bowdon.
Annie Warburton daughter of William and Elizabeth born on third day of September 1862. Baptized at St Margarets.
William Warburton died on the 21 day of January 1869 and was buried at Bowdon on the 25 January 1869.
Elizabeth Warburton died October 8th 1903 and was buried at Bowdon October 16th.
Edith Bailey born 9th day December 1858.
Joseph Warburton and Edith Bailey were married at St John’s Church, Altrincham on the 26th day of March 1883.
William Warburton son of the above was born Dec 11th 1883. Baptized at St Barnabas, Openshaw.
Stanley Owen Warburton son of the above born August 22nd 1886. Baptized at St John’s Altrincham.
Elizabeth May Warburton daughter of the above born January 31st 1889. Baptized at St John’s Altrincham.
Eleanor Warburton daughter of the above born November 2nd 1890. Baptized at St John’s Altrincham.
Jessie Beatrice Warburton daughter of the above born October 16th 1892. Baptized at St John’s Altrincham.
Joseph Warburton son of the above born June 8th 1898. Baptized at St John’s Altrincham.
William Warburton died 19th March aged 28, 1.9.12

William Warburton, the original owner of the bible was born in 1803, and was the elder brother of my great great grandfather.

Elizabeth Owen was William’s second wife. He had one daughter by his first wife, Jane Williams.

Joseph was William and Elizabeth’s only son.  Joseph in turn had the 3 sons and 3 daughters listed in the bible. The bible includes the death of the eldest, William in 1912. He was unmarried.

The second son, Stanley Owen had 5 children including 2 sons. The family moved to Stadffordshire. One son  died an infant. The second, Stanley William L Warburton lived from 1918 to 1993. He married a Katharine Hood in 1951, but there are no births registered with a mother’s maiden name of Hood.

Joseph’s third son was the Joseph who married Jessie Reid. They also seem to have been childless.

Therefore I don’t think there are any Warburton descendants, but there may well be direct descendants on the distaff side. William and Elizabeth’s daughter Annie married a John Morrison. They were living in Bromley, Kent in the 1911 census, and had 2 children, both living.

Also Joseph’s three daughters married.  Elizabeth May married John Weetman and had 5 children registered at Bucklow.  Eleanor married Arthur Porter. There are no children at Bucklow but as her death was registered at Chelmsford in Essex they may have had children elsewhere. Jessie Beatrice married Clifford Harris. Again no children were registered locally but Jessie’s death was, so they were probably childless.

If anyone has any further information please let me know.

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