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Welcome to the Warburton Website, which includes my Warburton One-Name Study, and Warburton DNA Project. To learn more about this site please visit the various sub-page under the About menu item.

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The site also includes a Forum where anyone can initiate or participate in conversations with other interested parties on any subject related to  Warburton family history. Anyone can view the Forum but you will need to register to participate.

The Warburton DNA Project enhances the knowledge gained from traditional genealogical research. For example about half of all Warburtons belong to one of two groups, one descended from a Norman knight, the other from a Saxon inhabitant of the village of Warburton. Several smaller groups have also been identified. My DNA Project has devised a low cost strategy to determine if you belong to one of these groups, so please contact me (click my picture to the right) if you are interested.

I also welcome questions, comments, and anything you have which may enhance the site.

Ray Warburton


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  1. I had a chum called Tom Warburton, he worked for Tesco and then Shell he moved to Pedlicote Farm, Peak Forest, Buxton and then I lost touch with him. Is he on your tree?

    1. Hi Barry,

      As I don’t normally include living people on my trees Tom is unlikely to be there. If you are trying to find him then the on-line phone books, or 192.com, or even Facebook might be your best bet. If you know his place and date of birth I might be able to find out something about his ancestry.

  2. Hi Ray,
    I am writing to you to ask if you are interested in adding any relatives to my Warburton family tree. My dad was Frederick James Warburton. My mom was Cecilia Rose Seliga. There are four living children, not just one. If you are at all interested in making the “tree” more complete you may contact me. Thanks.

  3. Hi my name is nathian warburton from goulburn nsw australia. My father is Raymond warburton. Would love to chat about weather this is my family tree. Cheers nathIan warburton 0450009690

  4. Do you have a help line as I’m researching family tree and I have ancestor Jane warburton born 1805 gwersyllt parents William and Mary warburton too soon for census any help would be gratefully received

  5. You have the marriage of John Warburton and Elizabeth Walmsley on 25th October 1753 in Bowdon, Cheshire. Are you able to tell me which JW this was?

    1. Hi Arthur,

      I have not determined where John and Elizabeth fit so far, but your query has prompted me to take another look. It is difficult to be conclusive and I am away from home and a lot of my info at the moment. However a couple of clues emerge.

      Firstly there are two sons, George and William, born to John and Elizabeth of Dunham who would seem to belong to this couple, though the first is 8 years after their marriage which is a little unusual.

      We then have a William buried in 1769 the son of John and Elizabeth of Dunham, but he is only aged 3 when he should be 6. There is also,a grave reference I need to check when I get home.

      Next Elizabeth, wife of John of Sinderland was buried in 1778. Sinderland is part of Dunham. Finally John of Sinderland within Dunham Massey was buried in 1809 aged 83. He shares no grave with family and his will lead me to believe he had no family, but again I need to check this. Nevertheless he systems a candidate for the John who married Elizabeth Warmsley. In this case I believe he would be the son of Thomas and Pheobe Dixon who was born in 1725. Thomas was the nephew of my 6x great grandfather Josiah. I will review this after Wednesday when I get home.

  6. Hi I am a Great Grand daughter of a James Brandwood Warburton who immigrated to USA born 09 Dec 1868 Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire, England I am interested in how he ties in with your ancestors?

    1. James can be found in the Bolton (ex Turton)clan which has an earliest born ancestor, Samuel born around 1790. There is no DNA result from the clan so I don’t know it it links to other clans.

  7. Ray, would you have any info on George ( COOK ) Warburton he was born in Woodhouses Dunham in 1823 died 1884. I think he was illegitimate mother Martha. I know if illegitimate he is technically not a Warburton but his mother will be. He married Hannah Whittiker from a farming family who I remember in the 60’s

    Many thanks Rosemary Treasure

    1. Hi Rosemary,

      It’s the name that counts. I have whole clans who didn’t take the Warburton name from their earliest ancestor’s father. That said I’m struggling with George, though I’m away from home at the moment, and can’t give it full attention before tomorrow. Where does the Coook fit in?

  8. Hi I the George Cook Warburton, mentioned above is my Great Great Great Great Grandfather, and I dont believe from the tree that I have been working on that he was illegitimate, not as far as my research has led me. I dont know the lady who has mentioned him above. Would be interested to know though if we linked up in anyway.

  9. Lisa, I am Rosemary Treasure who asked about George Cook Warburton. He was the father of my sister’s husband’s mother Louie Warburton. In the census I have viewed his mother was born a Warburton and no marriage can be found. I would be happy to know the info you have on him. Regards Rosemary

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