Button Files Issue 14

I have now produced issue 14 of the Button Files. It includes all major posts since the last newsletter in October, with the exception of a couple of DNA posts. This is because I need to check them more carefully against developments, and there are some further results awaited. These are three results  from the new R1b-A11378 Panel, and a Y-DNA37 result from one of the untested lines of the Warburton Village clan.

I also want to review priorities for testing. It is therefore likely issue 15 will be a DNA update, hopefully in April, but later if results are delayed.

Meanwhile I am spending March travelling. My niece is getting married in New Zealand and it seems an opportunity not to be missed. I will still be responding to emails, and may even post if something arises. However my research work will be very limited.

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  1. Hi Ray

    Which part of NZ will you be visiting…..it would be nice to meet you we have just had a visit with some relatives….descended from Richard and Anne nee Kemmis, they were descended from my husbands great grandfathers elder brother Richard (one of the many) who was the heir of Richard and Anne.Let us know if you will be in the South Island

    1. We arrive in Auckland on March 4th and then it is 2 nights Auckland, 4 nights Bay of Islands, 2 nights Rotorua, 2 nights Taupo, 5 nights Martinborough for the wedding on the 17th. Then 4 nights Queenstown, 1 night en route to Christchurch and on night in Christchurch. We leave from there on the 26th. We also have 2 nights in Hong Kong on the way out and 2 in Singapore on the way back.

      1. Sounds hectic Ray but you will enjoy it I’m sure. Hope your niece will be very happy and that the wedding goes well. It would be nice to catch up whilst you are in Christchurch if you would like , we live 20 minutes from the airport.. I have your email address so will contact you before you arrive anyway.
        Have a great time and safe travels

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