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Every now and again Alan Jenks sends me Warburton obituaries from the Crewe Chronicle. They provide an interesting exercise in linking together the deceased with their various family mourners. ┬áIndeed although I have listed Crewe deaths under Parishes, I also have marriages and families spreadsheets to help me link people together. I haven’t published these because they include many living people.

Most obituaries relate to the Sandbach and Coppenhall clans and I am preparing updates to both of these to reflect them. However Alan sent me a couple the other day which belong elsewhere.

The first was for Rhona Warburton Owen. She was in fact born Rhona Warburton Smith, and sometimes referred to as Rhoda. Her parents were Robert Warburton Smith and Rhoda Leicester, and her father appears in a photo I published a while ago of his parents Charles Smith and Louisa Warburton of the Audley clan, together with 12 of their 18 children ( see Miscellaneois Photos in Gallery, or issue 13 of the Newsletter).

The second proved all together more problematical. Ruby Irene Warburton nee Hudson died in1996 aged 72. She was the wife of George William who died in 2001 aged 81, and I already knew he was the son of William and Elizabeth Alice nee Newton.

I decided to explore William’s origins and used a couple of new resources. The first is the 1939 Register which is digitised on FindMyPast. This is a kind of census conducted at the outbreak of WWII and it showed George William at home in Nantwich with his parents, and his maternal grandparents. A key piece of information is it gives everyone’s exact date of birth.

William was born on May 10th 1895 so his birth should have been registered in the second quarter of 1895. I then the used the new General Records Office search facility to search for William’s registration. This has an advantage over FreeBMD in that it gives mother’s maiden name on entries prior to 1911.

Only one William was registered in that quarter. It was in Salford, mother’s maiden name Woodcock. So I found a matching marriage and managed to trace back a couple more generations before getting stuck with a William born in 1822, because I couldn’t find his baptism despite knowing his father’s name from his marriage.

But I was concerned because William didn’t appear in the 1901 or 1911 censuses. Then I noticed his supposed parents declared that they had five children, but only two living in 1911, and they were both present, and both girls. Then I noticed the birth registration in 1895 was quickly followed by a death registration. I obviously had the wrong William.

So where is the correct one? There are three possibilities, his birth was never registered, it was registered late ( registrations were supposed to be within 6 weeks so this should still fall in the second quarter for a May 10th birth), or he wasn’t born in England or Wales. There were three registrations in the third quarter, but I have eliminated the only one in Cheshire and the other two are from Lancashire.

It is all rather frustrating. Does anyone have knowledge of this William and his life before he appears in Nantwich? If not I will have to leave him on the back burner for a while and hope something emerges.


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  1. Hello Ray, I have twice typed a comment about the gathering in London on the 23rd August but have received a message telling me to “moderate it”. I can’t find what that means. I haven’t told you that, sadly, Robert Bruce Warburton died last year, 2016 in Australia where he has lived some 54 years. Robert took a DNA test for me, as you know, and was the nephew of my husband Bruce. Very best wishes, Daphne

    1. Hi Daphne,

      The moderation message means it is sent to me for moderation. To avoid SPAM comments I get the chance to accept or reject the first comment from a new commenter. Once one has been accepted all your subsequent comments should be automatically accepted.

      Comments are really intended for stuff you want anyone to see. If you just wan’t to send me a message it is better just to email. A quick way is to click on my picture on the site and an email window will appear.

      I’m afraid Jan won’t be in London. She decided to leave that one to me as the hosting is being done by the New Horizons centre.

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