Sandbach and Coppenhall Clan Updates

I have made some updates to the Sandbach and Coppenhall Clans mainly from the obituaries sent me by Alan Jenks and a few resulting explorations.

As a result of the obituaries and related research I do have information on a number of further individuals who are living, or who I can’t be sure are dead.  This could be added if I receive information that a person has died, or if a living person explicitly requests to be included.

Additional Sandbach Clan notes:

I added a bit about “Preacher Joe’, or Joseph Oswald born 1873 .

I  had a few individuals simply named Son or Daughter who I have now removed into a note on their parents.

I a discovered that I had the settings for the on-line version of the tree wrong so a lot of information was missing. This is now corrected. The missing information was in the textual Descendant Report.


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