Two DNA Developments

1.  I have not updated the SNP age estimates for the Lancashire and Cheshire groups for over a year. When I went to look at the latest numbers I was surprised to find a lot of the dates have moved back, up to 1,000 years in some cases. More recent dates are less affected however. You can find the updated table here.

2.  I have now received results from three tests of the R1b-A11378 panel at YSEQ. This panel was created from the the unique SNPs that came from a BigY test in the Bury and Massachusetts clan. Its purpose was to try and add structure to the Lancashire Group by seeing how many of these unique SNPs were shared by representatives of the other Lancashire Group clans.

The  3 tests  all show 1 match (A15056) with these unique SNPs, and no match with 5 others. This says those 5 occurred after the Bury and Massachusetts clan separated from the other clans. It is an unexpected result because two of the tests were from the clans that seemed closest from the previous STR  tests.  The third had only done a 12 marker STR test, which seemed to suggest his clan (Edenfield)  would be quite distant.

I had hoped there would be more differentiation in the test results. So what next?

A first step would be to test the panel on another member of the Bury and Massachusetts clan to see if some or all of the 5 unmatched SNPs occurredl in the known past. They could then be removed from the panel.

The next step is to find other SNPs that might do a better job of ordering the various clans into a Lancashire Group tree. That would mean another BigY test or similar on someone with a number of their own unique SNPs that could be added  to the panel in the hope of finding more differentiation.

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