Warburton Family History Day

It is just over six weeks until this year’s Warburton Family History Day in Altrincham, and even less to the London event.

Warburton Day 2017

I have sent my flyer to Libraries and Family History Centres across the North West. Hopefully some of you will have come across them. I also wrote articles for the Cheshire Ancestor and Manchester Genealogist. However I expect most of my potential attendees will be subscribers to, or visitors to this site.

Like last year I have no idea how many will come. Last year I was surprised to see over 80 people there.  This year I hope many of you will be keen to meet up again with fellow Warburton researchers. There are some One-Name studies that have a society that meets regularly and maybe we can develop something similar for the Warburtons. Of course I know many of you are scattered around the world, as well as more far flung parts of the UK.

The event will be similar to last year, but with a couple of “improvements”.  Firstly I will give a couple of short talks which will include a Q&A. I have also improved the many family trees I have generated. I have found a local printer who can print each one on one large piece of paper. This should make them a lot easier to handle. I have also tried to eliminate the smaller print wherever possible, even if it means splitting a tree into two parts. And of course some trees have been developed further in the meantime.

I am currently working on a new tree for the Partington clan and expect to have a version of it available on the day. This is based an material sent to me by Cathy Jennings Warburton some years ago, and listings of all the baptisms, marriages and burials at Lymm and Warburton which I am currently working on. The Warburton parish record in particular seems to have many gaps in it (documented in fact by Norman Warburton in his Warburton book). As well as much new material, particularly from Lymm, the clan includes the previously documented Pennsylvania clan with its DNA marker, and a branch I had mistakenly included in the Altrincham clan.

The London event will be a little different in that it is combined with a general family history event for the members of the New Horizons Centre we are using. As such I have been asked to do two general presentations, one on getting started with family history, and one on DNA for family history. I will have the same materials present however, and the talks will have Warburton examples.

I will post a reminder of the logistics of the events (directions, parking etc.) nearer the time.

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  1. Hello Ray, I have booked my accommodation in London and hopefully will be at your Warburton meeting on Wednesday, the 23rd August and, also hopefully, with Matthew Warburton my grandson. The ‘hopefully’ is because the hospital gave me an appointment for the 23rd to have two more eye operations. When I cancelled they gave me Saturday the 19th (not ideal so near the 23rd) with a warning that 2 cancellations means sending one back to the doctor. If there is no problem I shall travel to London on the Monday and much look forward to the day and to meeting you and Jan. Very best regards, Daphne.

    1. Hello Ray, My accommodation in London is booked from Monday 21st August and hopefully I shall attend your Warburton gathering on Wednesday the 23rd, with Matthew Warburton my grandson. The ‘hopefully’ is because the hospital gave me an appointment on the 23rd for another operation on both eyes. When I cancelled they came back with Saturday the 19th (not ideal) and a warning that a second cancellation could mean being sent back to the doctor. If there is no problem here I look forward to the day’s gathering and to meeting you and Jan in person. Very best regards, Daphne.

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