Atltrincham Day

Here are the details of the Warburton Day on Saturday September 9th. I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible. The introduction of a couple of talks with Q&A sessions will hopefully add interest, and give me feedback on the nature and frequency of future events.

If you wish to print the Flyer simply click the image and to eto enlarge it and then print it from your browser.

Next we have a map of Altrincham showing parking places, and the train station.

Warburton Flyer

The event is taking place in the Altrincham Conservative Club, 24-30 Market Street. This is in the top centre of the map, coloured orange. The club is just left of where the Town Hall is depicted, on the same side of the road.

There is limited 2 hour parking in the street. All car parks in Altrincham, except the Regent Street car park, have a maximum daily rate of £3.00. Regent Street is £6.00. There are also 2 free parks on the edge of town, shown at the bottom of the map.

Altrincham has good public transport links being at the end of the metro line through Manchester to Bury. The bus, train and metrolink interchange is shown on the map and is only a few minutes walk from the venue.

I am again staying at the Altrincham Travelodge on the Friday and Saturday nights. It is only a short distance from the venue, being situated in the block bounded by George Street, Regent Street, and Railway Street on the map.

The Day

The day is all about meeting people (hopefully new people and friends from last year), sharing knowledge, and perhaps giving impetus to your own Warburton, or other family history studies. I have tried to publicise the event in libraries and family history centres throughout the North West. Please spread the word amongst your families. I have no idea how many will turn up, but the more the merrier. Entry will be free, but their will be a tip jar if anyone wishes to contribute a small amount to the cost of hiring the room.

Please come for the day, or just drop in for an hour, though note I will be giving my talks at 11am and 2pm, and they are not the same topic.

The reception desk will have  blank name tags which you can fill in with your name and clan (if known).There is also an attendance sheet. Please complete this as it gives me a chance of remembering who I have met.

I will be bringing my charts of all the family trees I have created so far. They have been reprinted since last year so they are a little bigger and on large sheets of paper. They will be grouped into the Cheshire Group, the Lancashire Group, and two groups of  others.

This year I have created story boards for several famous Warburtons. They are mainly based on past Newsletter articles, but the story boards will give them more prominence. They will  be the subject of the afternoon talk.

I will also have materials to explain the Warburton DNA Project and the discoveries we have made so far.

My morning talk is about the whys and wherefores of the Warburton One-Name project and will include a quick tour of the website and the materials on display, the current status of the DNA project, and a chance to discuss the future. So if you have any questions please bring them along.

I am bringing 2 computers. The room has WiFi so we can use these to access The Warburton Website, The Warburton DNA Results, my Family Tree program, and on-line research sites such as Ancestry and FindMyPast. If anyone has research issues or queries we can try and address these.

I will bring my library for you to browse and decide if you would like obtain your own copies.

Finally I have printed off copies of all my Newsletters and a few other articles.

And then there will be anything other attendees bring along to show, so please bring anything you have that might be of interest..

I am looking forward to a day that is as interesting as last year, and meeting as many of you as possible.

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