Updated Combined Index

I have changed the format of the Combined Index to aid searching. The Combined Index is accessed from the Clans page, or the Clans section of the sidebar.

The purpose of the index is to provide a mechanism for finding out if one of your ancestors appears in any of my clans or families, and hence if you are also in that clan or family. You can then find your ancestor in the index for the relevant clan or family tree.

The index is a rather long list. I recommend you use your browser’s Find facility to search it (if it has one; my experience is with Safari). I have added a column with full name which should help your search.

A search for Warburton is not much help but a search for John Warburton will get you to the first occurrence of that as part of a name. Where possible I find it easier to search for a known spouse’s name. Birth and death dates and place of birth should then help to identify the person you are looking for. The flags then identify the clan where that person can be found.

In some cases there is a flag for a family name, and one for the the collection of families that contains the relevant descendant report. Also the Greater Hale Barns Clan is a single tree which includes the Hale Barns, Mobberley and Ringley clans which have separate reports and charts, so these people also have two flags.


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