The Warburton Forum

The Warburton Forum has now been established to facilitate communication between people with an interest in any topic related to the Warburton name, and Warburton Family History.

It lives on a new Page called Forum, accessible from the Menu. At this stage it is probably best considered to be in Beta mode. There is currently one topic called Using the Forum, with one entry by me. It covers my understanding of how the Forum works. I encourage you to try it out and  add your feedback on its operation and improvements in Replies to that Topic.

Anyone can view the contents of the Forum, but you need to Register and Login to reply to a Topic, or start a new Topic of your own. This is the default method of operation and I prefer to operate this way as it will inhibit SPAM.

The Registration process should be simple. You simply need to set up a user name and password associated with your email address.

Once logged in you can add a reply to any topic, or start a new one of your own. You can also elect to receive an email whenever a replyl is added to a topic of interest. You can effectively subscribe or unsubscribe to particular topics.

The Comment facility still exists on the site. I do have the option to disable it but have decided not to for now as it provides a facility for people who haven’t registered for the Forum, and allows comments to be put alongside the Post or Page they relate to.

In practise Comments are often used as a way of communicating with me. In fact both Comments and the Forum are intended for a wider audience. To contact me directly the best mechanism is email. You can probably email me simply by clicking my picture in the Sidebar and completing the email that is opened. However this may not work if you use Webmail (i.e. and internet mail service rather than a mail front-end on your computer).

What is the difference between Registering for the Forum and Subscribing to the site? Subscribing to the site is simply asking to receive an email notification when I add a new Post. As I Post about any changes to the site this ensures you are notified about anything that happens.

Registering relates just to the Forum, but I believe anyone who Registers is automatically Subscribed to the site as well, though I haven’t tested it yet.

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