A Near Miss


William Henry Warburton and his Sons and Daughters

This photo and story were provided by Warren Warburton, grandson of William Henry.

From left to right are William Henry Warburton with his daughters Clarice and Beatrice, and sons William and Warren (father of Warren). A fifth sibling, Marion, was a very young child who died in the great influenza outbreak after WW1. William Henry’s wife Sarah Ellen nee Hoyles is not in the photo as she passed away on the 13th day of February 1942.

William Henry and Sarah Ellen were originally from Bolton. Along with their first born infant child Clarice they booked passage on the Titanic with the dream of emigrating to America, but in a twist of fate Clarice got very sick and they were not allowed to board. The Titanic steamed off without them. On the 15th day of April, 1912 in the North Atlantic, she hit an iceberg and sank with the loss of over 1500 souls.

Later that year William Henry and his family successfully emigrated to Boston on the White Star Line steamship Cymric.

Warren is currently in Europe and will be visiting the village of Warburton next week.

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