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I have been seriously distracted from my planned course this past couple of weeks. Chief of these distractions was a week spent in the local hospital with a gall bladder problem. I am fine now, and the offending organ will be permanently removed in 6 weeks time.

Whilst in hospital I was removed from my main computer, but was able to do a bit of exploring on my tablet. I decided to look up my top Family Finder matches and see if I could find the actual links. My closest match had a GEDCOM on GEDMATCH the autosomal matching site, and I soon found where we linked. My great great great grandmother, and his great great grandmother were sisters. My contact was in fact my cousin’s wife, Kindel Booth and she had lots more detail on the sisters’ ancestry, and sent me a GEDCOM. The link was in my paternal grandmother’s line, so nothing to do with Warburton, but lots of Woodalls and Burgesses.

So I have spent the last few days updating my tree (the Hale Barns clan) in this area, and producing a new Ancestry report, an extended Fan Chart out to 10 generations, and a new Pedigree chart. The charts and report are in the My Ancestry part of the Papers page.

I’ve also been having a conversation with Arthur Turk about John Warburton of Sinderland, who is also in the Hale Barns clan. John died without surviving issue and ended up in a grave with some Stanbanks. The issue was the nature of the Stanbank relationship but I also realised that my previous assumption that John never married was wrong. In fact he married twice, both wives being called Elizabeth. The first Elizabeth did produce two sons, one dying aged 5, and they other leaving no obvious impression on the parish records and being unmentioned in his father’s will.

The first appearance of a Stanbank was William who was both bondsman and witness of John’s second marriage. In his will John refers to a deceased niece, Phoebe Stanbank, and as there is a marriage between Phoebe Hatton and William Stanbank just prior to John’s own second marriage, this is probably the link. Phoebe would seem to be the daughter of one of John’s sisters. Both John’s mother and one of his sisters were also called Phoebe. However I have failed to find  a record of the relevant marriage, even allowing for the fact Phoebe Hatton might already be a widow when she married William Stanbank.

This is not the first curiosity in this family. John’s sister Mary married John Bancroft. She died young leaving John with a young family. Eighteen months later John had a son, Bancroft Warburton, with Elizabeth Warburton.  I presume she was a family member helping out with the young family but I have failed to find where she fits. John and Elizabeth did marry, but not until 10 years later. Bancroft Warburton was a successful farmer and left numerous descendants, mainly in the Sankey area near Warrington.

I have included John’s wives and sons in the Hale Barns clan update. I also made the same changes to the Bowdon families chart. Finally I had an updated version of the Sandbach clan with details from obituaries sent by Alan Jenks so I also added that to the site.

Hopefully that is the end of the distractions and I can return to the inputs I got on the Warburton Day, itself a distraction from the work on Lymm and Warburton parishes, and the Partington clan I was doing before that.

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  1. Been there done that but alas only a large scar on my abdomen.In those days they had a novel way of awakening you from the anaesthetic by telling you to wake up and rattling the gall stones at you contained in a plastic tube.i still have them and that was in 1979.l have not had any problems or pain in that area since. I think you will be fine.leon

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