The Sublime and the Ridiculous

I got two interesting emails today. Not strictly family history but they do have a connection with the Warburton name.

The first was about the Warburton Souling  Play. It is apparently a Cheshire tradition, but when I Googled it only Warburton and Hatton seem to perform it today. It is performed around pubs (and the occasional church) in the Warburton area.

The itinerary for 2017 is already underway, but the programme can be accessed here. The Play’s website is here. You can even find recordings of it on Youtube.

The second email was a link to another proposed ‘play’. It will probably be familiar to UK residents as the advert is running currently on our televisions. For those of you who are not in the UK it may be amusing. Just follow this link. And like all ‘good’ films these days there is a sequel.

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