Updates to the Bolton (Bakers) Clan

Harold Schofield alerted me to a branch on his Ancestry tree which isn’t in mine, so I have now added it. It includes descendants of a Peter born in 1847.

I also noticed that a couple of Ancestry trees identified parents for Henry, the earliest ancestor on the tree, and then made his grandfather the same Henry of Haslingden who was the grandfather of the Joseph who became a Mormon and emigrated to Utah, and whose descendant provided a DNA test.

I agree that the Henry who was baptised at Edenfield in 1805 is earliest ancestor of the Bakers clan, mainly because there is no evidence of another Henry that I can find. This identifies his parents as Thomas and Sarah so I have added them to the tree with a lengthy note.

I also have a Thomas and Sarah as the likely parents of a Peter who is head of a family in Massachusetts who provided one of the Lancashire group DNA results. I therefore decided to do a more in depth study of Thomas and Sarah families in that area of Lancashire, and my findings are in a new paper called Thomas and Sarah Families on the Papers page.

I fact I am no wiser on the identity of Henry’s parents, but I am quite sure I have identified Peter’s. I DNA result from the Bakers clan might resolve the Henry issue.

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