Alan Warburton- Artist

Back in September (2017) I received a letter from Alan Warburton, an artist who lives in the Rhondda. It included pictures of a number of murals he has produced around South Wales over the years, together with  newspaper cuttings about them. Unfortunately for various reasons the murals no longer exist, so the photos represent the sole surviving record.

At the time I was busy with my Warburton day which resulted in various stories I have since published, and other work. I have only just got around to deciding how to handle Alan’s package.

I have set up a page called Alan Warburton Artist under Gallery to show his output. Below are a couple of examples.

The Miners Murinal on the Aberrhondda Road was the second of three murinals painted by Alan in Porth, Rhondda Valley 1976-7. It had the distinction of being opened by Prince Charles on July 28th 1976.

In 1982 Alan won an Operation Facelift competition sponsored by Cardiff City Council and the South Wales Echo. His idea to improve a British Rail water tower was to paint giant daffodils on it. In 1984 his idea was put into practice. Alas the water tower still exists but the daffodils are long gone.

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