Cheapest BigY Yet

This Christmas the bonus offers from FTDNA seem to get better with time. I wish I had waited a bit longer to order the new Lancashire Group BigY. Now, curtesy of Ian Warburton, I have a $100 coupon off any purchase of $450 or more. That means a BigY test, normally $575, sale price $475, can now be bought for $375.

BigY can only be bought as an upgrade to a previous STR test, so to be eligible you need to have done one of the Y12, Y37, Y67, or Y111 tests.

As I am heading to France for Christmas tomorrow I will declare the offer and coupon code here:

Offer: $100 Off any purchase of $450 or more. Use promo code R33T6AQ5CQMD at checkout.

The first one to use it will get it. It is valid until close of business next Sunday, Christmas Eve. If you miss it but are still keen let me know and I will try and find another one.

In my recent post, and draft Journal of One-Name Studies article, I outlined the benefits of SNP testing and declared BigY as the test of choice for those who can afford it. We have made a lot of progress in understanding the history of the Lancashire and Cheshire Groups, but none of the other smaller Warburton groups, or individual, unmatched results have progressed to SNP testing to understand the history of their Y-chromosome, or to find close matches with any other name. Remember with STR results,  most matches with non-Warburtons will be spurious. They are only really useful for same name matches. With a shared, recent SNP you know you have a match.

I also recommended a cheaper alternative STR test for those looking to use it as a low cost entry point, and I now have one such test ordered by a prospective new member of the Lancashire Group.

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