New Year Plans

Firstly I wish everybody a Happy New Year and lots of success in your research.

It seems an auspicious moment to reflect on Work in Progress and plan for 2018. I seem to have a number of interrupted projects and things, both large and small I would like to progress. Also new things are brought to my attention all the time.

Just the other day I was prompted to buy a new version of my Family Tree Program. This is Reunion Version 12 for Mac. I immediately spotted that it has improved the way it formats Desendant Reports. Up until now I have used my old Windows-based Legacy program to produce the Reports on the website, but from now on I will use the new Reunion features. They will still be PDFs that you can read on-line, or download and print, but they will look a bit different.  Initially I will only use the new facility for new trees, or when I update old ones, but eventually I will probably do a bulk update of the old ones.

I am currently making a small addition to the Warburton Village Clan, based on information from Deborah Thomas who descended from one of its branches. This will be the first clan to appear in the new format, which is appropriate as it is largest clan.

Before Christmas I was working on the Edenfield clan. I have already published a paper on Thomas and Sarah marriages because the only Lancashire Group DNA result that comes from an undocumented clan descends from such a marriage. I have now gone on to do a study of Peters, and started documenting the parish registers at Edenfield, Holcombe, and Newchurch in Rossendale.  I believe as a result I will be able to show that the DNA result is from a branch of the Edenfield clan. This is particularly important as the result is being upgraded to BigY. In addition Leslie Warburton, the pre-war cricketer, also belongs to the clan, but I am unlikely to be able to link the family of Warburtons the Bakers to Edenfield or any other clan without a good DNA result. Finishing and publishing this work will be my first priority for 2018.

Then I plan to return to building the Pennsylvania clan into a Partington clan. This is based on a tree of Lymm Warburtons sent to me ages ago by Cathy Warburton, plus I have documented the Lymm and Warburton parish registers.  Progress on this task was halted last summer when I had to devote time to preparing for the Warburton Day in Altrincham. As a result of things that arose from that day I haven’t got back to it since. Again there is a DNA element as I now have a second Cheshire Group BigY and I need to plan the next steps based on this result fairly soon.

Then I must document a tree given me by Loris Cooper at the 2016 Warburton Day. I was hoping for a GEDCOM version of the tree, but as this does’t appear to be available, and we have an impending DNA result for the tree a think I need to start transcribing.

Another DNA result I am awaiting is from a Warburton with Jamaican ancestry. Hopefully this will lead to work on a Jamaican tree.

I’m sure there are other things I have been sent over the years that need attention. They will be in my files somewhere. I just need to trawl through and find them. Feel free to remind me if you think I have forgotten something.

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