New Cheshire Group Haplotree

I have produced a new version of the haplotree that is in The Cheshire Group document on the DNA Project Page. It is a new document as it is getting too big to include in the original. That in The Cheshire Group is unchanged for now but will be removed on the next rewrite. In producing it I also did a new Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA) calculation for 3 Warburtons and 2 Duttons that have 111 marker STR results. This is also linked to from the DNA Project Page.

My objective in producing the haplotree is to provide a basis for forthcoming work on Cheshire Group SNPs.  We have 2 BigY results (including mine) which have produced 14 new SNPs that occurred after the Warburton-Dutton split. I have now had tests created at YSEQ for these SNPs, though there are 4 they don’t recommend for various reasons.

The next step is to start using these tests. Firstly I wish to test someone close to each of the original results to determine which SNPs are of the right age to be useful. In my case this is easy. I have a close genetic cousin with a common ancestor who lived from 1608 to 1691, and I only have 2 or 3 unique SNPs to test (one is marked unrecommended and I want to find out if it could be useful anyway). Any of those 3 that he shares will be useful for further tests. The others will be more recent and will not be shared by anyone in another clan.

The other BigY result is from the Percy Grey family and has 6 SNPs which are both unique and recommended. There are also 2 which appeared in both results and so occurred before our common ancestor.

In producing the haplotree I reached a couple of interesting conclusions (or theories waiting to be proved). The first is that SNP FGC13446, which is used to represent the last of 27 SNPs shared by Warburtons, Duttons, and Howells, must have occurred before the Norman Invasion of 1066, unless the Howells derive from a Dutton or Warburton non-paternal event. I believe it is more likely they derive from a brother or cousin of Odard de Dutton. The date produced from Iain McDonalds SNP ages is 1151 AD, but with a 90% confidence range of 543 to 1553.

The second point of interest is that the Dutton tree produced by PA Lawson, which I reproduced about a year ago, shows that the main Dutton families were descended from Hugh, the 4th Lord of Dutton, brother of Adam de Dutton, ancestor of the Warburton line. Their father, also Hugh, 3rd Lord of Dutton, is therefore the most likely common ancestor of the Warburtons and Duttons and he was born around 1100 AD.  Of course other lines, including from Adam, may also have continued, and no Dutton with a documented link to the Lawson tree has yet been tested. Until such a Dutton is tested and shows a close relationship the the Duttons tested so far, then this conclusion is unproven. However it is interesting to note that 6 Warburton-Dutton TMRCA calculations provide most likely dates from 965 AD to 1210 AD.

Five of the clans in the Cheshire group are probably descended from the Warburtons of Partington. My Partington Clan is still a work in progress, but it  includes the Pennsylvania Clan. The Percy Grey BigY result shares an STR mutation with the Pennsylvania Clan. Also the Warrington – Hamlet Clan is linked to Partington by the use of the name Hamlet and it shares an STR mutation with both the Flintshire Family and the Warrington – John Clan.

The Warburtons of Partington are believed to be descended from a William Warburton who was granted 4/18ths of Partington manor in 1320. This William was the son of Piers de Warburton who was the first to use the name. It seems the Cheshire Clan split in two at a very early date with one half descending from William of Partington, while the other half are cadet branches of the Warburtons of Arley Hall. Again the  111 marker STR TMRCA calculations produce a date of 1385 which is consistent with this split. It also dates the 2 shared SNPs (FGC13459 and FGC17097) between Adam de Dutton and Piers de Warburton (roughly 1150 to 1230).

The only other 111marker result is from the Weaverham clan, and this confirms the 1385 date for the split from the Warburtons of Partington, and has a 1525 date for a common ancestor with my Hale Barns clan. Since my 8x great grandfather was born about 1575 this again looks reasonable.

So getting back to the 6 unique SNPs from the Percy Grey family I am keen to test these on representatives of the other four Partington clans. It doesn’t have to be the the person who tested originally. If you are up for it please let me know.


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