Warburtons of Partington Panel Available at YSEQ

I am looking for appropriate volunteers to test a new SNP Panel I have established at YSEQ called Warburtons of Partington.  It contains 7 SNPs and costs $103.To find it use the Quick Find  facility in the left hand panel of the YSEQ webpage to search ‘Partington’.  it is the only hit.

My provisional  Cheshire Group haplotree shows five clans descended from William of Partington. A participant from the Percy Grey family is positive for all 7 of these SNPs. One is shared by me so predates William of Partington, who acquired land at Partington in 1320 AD. The other 6 are unique to the participant.

An STR marker match suggests the closest related clan is the Pennsylvania clan, which I am in the process of developing into a Partington Clan. The other three members of the branch are linked by a different STR marker match and are speculatively part of the Partington branch through the use of the name Hamlet. They are two Warrington Clans, Warrington – Hamlet, and Warrington – John  (formerly Warrington(Stanley) after Adrian Stanley who provided the information), and the Flintshire family.

My objective is to test one Warburton male from each of the four, with priority to the Pennsylvania clan. It does not have to be the same person who test originally as this is a different company and will require a new sample. I am happy to discuss helping with costs as necessary.

Please contact me if you think you can help.

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