Cheshire Group Haplotree Update

I have just updated the Cheshire Group Haplotree following the identification of testable recent SNPs found in BigY tests.

Clive, my closest genetic cousin, has tested the four from my own test. He matches 2 of them which can therefore be dated from, or before the birth of our common ancestor circa 1608.  They can now be used to determine when other clans, particularly the Houghton and Weaverham clans, split from the ancestors of the Hale Barns clan.

The other two must have occurred after that dat, on my own line. This puts them within the timeframe of the documented trees, and so less useful for further testing.

I have also identified seven SNPs from a believed descendant of William of Partington, and would dearly like to test these on representatives of the other clans I show descended from William. In particular I would like to start with someone from the Pennsylvania clan (which will become the Partington clan when I finish updating it). This clan seems the closest to the Percy Grey family of Mark who took the test, and will therefore by the best result for eliminating the recent, least useful SNPs.

If you think you can help me in this quest please let me know.

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  1. Hello Ray
    Being a female descendant I can’t help with DNA. Have any other Warburtons tested and put results in Gedmatch. I have.

    1. Hi Hazel,

      A few people have ordered familyFinder through the project but I don’t track if they have used GEDMATCH. I have put my own result and my tree there but so far have only found one distant cousin. I believe you need a common ancestor within 5 or 6 generations to have much chance of a match. My notes say you have some links to the Hale barns clan but I don’t remember how recent.

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