New BigY-500 Results, New DNA Sale

A new FTDNA sale began today, and runs until April 28th. If you are thinking of taking a test please check it out here. FamilyFinder looks particularly cheap at $49.

FTDNA also announced a new BigY-500 test. This combines the old BigY and Y-111 tests and derives a host of new STR markers, up to 500 in number. It is available as a stand alone product, whereas the previous BigY was only available as an upgrade from an STR test.

At $799 it is a bit pricey, though there is a $150 discount in the sale. If you are looking to take a Y-chromosome test, and money is no object then this is the test to take. It you have already done an STR test with FTDNA then there are discounted upgrade prices in the sale.

FTDNA have also produced enhanced STR results for all previous BigY tests. I need to review these for all Warburton tests to see if new information emerges.

If you are looking for the cheapest solution to check if you have matches amongst the previous Warburton tests my advice is still to take the $58 YSEQ Alpha test to see if a match is likely. If you are a likely match with the Cheshire or Lancashire Groups this can verified and pinpointed with specific SNP tests. Unfortunately no other Warburton group or individual has yet done SNP testing, either at the BigY level, or by testing relevant SNP panels, some of which are also reduced it the sale. You would then need to decide if you are the one to start the SNP journey for you and your matches.

If you wish to discuss your options please contact me.


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