Autosomal DNA Testing

Occasionally people join the Warburton Project to order the FamilyFinder test. I have no objection to this, though I’m not sure there is a financial advantage. Also I’m sure a lot of you will have taken the Ancestry DNA test, which is apparently the most widely used.

The whole point about these tests is to find cousins, whether the link is a Warburton one or not. The matching site for autosomal tests is Another site devoted to finding cousins, this time based on entries in the 1881 census (and a couple of others), is Lost Cousins ( I would recommend that anyone who has taken the trouble to take an autosomal test should load their information on both these sites.

It has also been suggested that this site could play a role in this process. I would suggest that the best way to do this would be for those of you who are interested to set up a Forum where you could discuss issues and share your experiences.  All that is needed is for a volunteer to get the ball rolling by starting the Forum.

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