Cheshire Group Haplotree Update

I have just updated the Cheshire Group Haplotree to reflect a couple of recent results. You can access it from the DNA Page or the sidebar.

The tree is in two halves. The branches on the right are lines I believe are descended from William, the son of Piers de Werberton by his second wife Harwise. William is documented as acquiring four eighteenths of the manor of Partington in 1320. In DNA terms they do not have the SNPs FGC17092 or FGC17094, but do share FGC17097 with the left half of the tree. The only BigY result does however reveal 7 other unique SNPs. which I hope will allow the branches below William to be more accurately defined.

The recent results are from the left side of the tree and show that the Houghton and Weaverham clans share SNPs FGC17092 and FGC17904 which the Hale Barns and Ringley clans also share. Although I show both the Houghton and Weaverham clans branching off above John of Hale Barns, it is possible either or both could be descended from him because:

  • Nothing is known of John’s third son George, except he was alive, and aged about 32 when John’s will was written in 1687. The lack of a marriage or burial at Bowdon, and the fact he didn’t act as an executor on his father’s, or brother Enoch’s wills, all suggest he probably moved away from the area.
  • John’s son Enoch died in 1692 after 9 years of marriage. There is only one recorded baptism, and a couple of infant deaths, but the will makes provision for children. The strong Presbyterian movement in Hale at the time means a number of baptisms performed at Presbyterian controlled chapels went unrecorded in the parish registers. Enoch’s brother Josiah was a leader of this movement.

Unless new branches appear, or new genealogical evidence  extends our knowledge of the existing branches, the left side of the tree is now as comprehensive as we are likely to achieve.

However there is scope to improve the right side, so volunteers from the right side  clans are sought to test the 7 identified SNPs from our one BigY result.


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