FTDNA Fathers Day Sale

FamilyTreeDNA have announced a Father’s Day Sale which ends on June 18th. Prices include:

  • Big Y-500 – $499 (save $176)
  • Y – 37 (the basic Warburton Project test) – $129 (save $20)
  • Y- 37 to Big Y-500 upgrade –  $469 (save $100)
  • Family Finder – $59

Big Y-500 is probably all the y-chromosome testing you will ever need so it is my recommendation if you can afford it, and a near relative hasn’t already done it.

The original Y37 can be done more cheaply elsewhere, and much of the value can be obtained with a $58 test. In any case these tests would need to be followed up with specific SNP tests to fully explore your genetic ancestry, though the degree of testing would depend on finding any matches to previous results. In short if you match the Lancashire or Cheshire groups, only a few specific tests  would be needed, but any other matches, or no matches, would imply more detailed SNP testing, and possibly a BigY would be beneficial.

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