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I was recently sent the following photos by Janet Holden. They are of her grandparents, mother and aunt who belonged to the Tottington clan. However they weren’t yet included in the clan so I have updated the clan as well as adding the photos to the Miscellaneous Photos page of the Gallery.

Samuel Warburton 1873-1939

Samuel is from the Tottington clan. He was born at Smith Fold, Affetside. He married Jane Ann Smith at St Anne, Tottington in 1910 and had two daughters, Ethel (b 1910) and Lena (b 1912).
Ethel was the mother of Janet Holden who sent the photographs.

Lena and Ethel Warburton

Lena and Ethel Warburton in Tottington about 1917. Lena married twice and lived to 101 years. She married Sam Groome at St Ann, Tottington in 1948, and died in 1974.

Ethel, Lena and Jane Ann Warburton in Tottington about 1940

Jane Ann was born in 1880 the daughter of William and Tabitha Smith of Taylors Farm, Holcombe Old Road, Holcombe. She died in 1966, aged 86.
She is shown with daughters Ethel and Lena. Husband Samuel died in 1939.

1939  Tottington St. Anne School

This photo of pupils of St Anne school was taken around 1916.

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  1. Thank you for building this site my grand parents where of the tottington clan,
    My grandad a John William married Mary Hannah Hopkinson. After the War they lived at Four Lane End Warsaw. Never met my Grandad whom died when I was Babe in arms. Loved to have known him as it seems he was a true character, Found his grave, must visit it again.

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