Thomas and Sarah Families Revisited

After a bit of an interruption due to holidays I am returning to my work on the Edenfield clan. As part of that I have reworked my paper on Thomas and Sarah marriages. This was instigated by a couple of realisations. Firstly Thomas of the Edenfield clan, who first married Millicent Turner, and then Sally Isherwood, is exactly the right age to be the Thomas of Edenfield who was buried in March 1805. Then I noticed that the occupation of the father of Henry who was baptised at Edenfield later in 1805, is different to that of the three other children of Thomas and Sarah baptised subsequently.

As this increases the probability that Thomas moved back to the Walmersley and Edenfield areas it means he is also a candidate to be the father of four children born in Walmersly and baptised at Holcombe, and of Henry founder of the clan of the bakers of Bolton.

The evidence is not conclusive. Supporting DNA evidence would be useful. However I have laid out the evidence in the paper, and suggested a solution that doesn’t require the introduction of an unknown Thomas and Sarah marriage. The paper is here.

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