Thomas and Sarah Families Again

No sooner had I published my paper of Thomas and Sarah Families than I found a further, complicating piece of evidence.  I reported there was no evidence of the occupation of Thomas, the husband of Sally Isherwood. However James, the eldest of four children from Walmersley baptised as the children of Thomas and Sally, conveniently remarried in 1846 reporting his father as Thomas, a carder. This weakens my argument that the recorded occupation of Henry’s father as a spinner is significant, unless it introduces a new family. Indeed it increases the likelihood it was recorded in error. I have reworked and republished the paper.

2 thoughts on “Thomas and Sarah Families Again”

  1. Good morning Ray,

    Just a thought – both carding and spinning are closely related activities – maybe he was a carder to start with and when he became more experienced, he was promoted to spinner.

    Best wishes,


    1. Hi Gill,

      You could be correct, though I think piecers were more likely to become spinners as they start as assistants to spinners I think.

      What struck me as odd was that a spinner should revert to carding, which would be the case if the occupation of the father of the four Edenfiled children was recorded correctly.

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