John Warburton, Vicar of Oakham

The last few weeks have been rather full of holidays, gardening, and golf so the time spent on the Warburton project has been limited. However as I travel around, if I see a list of names, I can’t help scanning down for any Warburtons.

In early August we spent a week near Oakham, in Rutland, England’s smallest county. One day when visiting Oakham Church I saw a list of vicars of the parish, and it included John Warburton 1690. The next name had the date 1736, suggesting John had a long tenure as vicar.

A search of the internet produced a number of facts:

  • John was an MA (Master of Arts) and his appointment as Vicar of Oakham took place on January 14th 1691 (this would be 1692 on the modern calendar).  His death was on October 1st 1736.
  • In 1702 he was appointed Warden of the Hospital of St John Evangelist and St Ann, though it appears this role would default to the vicar in any case. Again the next warden in the list was appointed in 1736.
  • Warburtons Gift was the description of a bequest from John’s will dated 1731. A rental of 10 shillings per year from a piece of land called Burley Bridge was to be distributed to the poor by the Alms Committee.
  • In 1728 the parishioners of Langham made a complaint against John to Bishop Kennett. I have seen no record of the outcome.
  • A list of the Plates in the church includes a Paten (a plate, typically made of gold or silver, used for holding the bread during the Eucharist and sometimes as a cover for the chalice) which  is inscribed ‘The gift of Mary daughter of John Warburton late Vicar of Oakham 1742’.
  • John Warburton MA was Vicar of St Martins, West Drayton in London from August 12th 1681 until July 15th 1691. This is possibly the same John. If this was John’s first living it would suggest he was born around 1655. I have no likely candidate in my clan trees.

Warburton is not a common name in Rutland so it is likely any entries in the Oakham Church parish records from this period refer to John’s family. The records indeed include the births of a number of children, parents John and Jane, the deaths of John and Jane, and of daughter Mary, and the marriage of a daughter Ann.

A likely marriage is recorded at Lavendon, Bucks, along with three children’s baptisms, including an Ann. I’m not sure though how living in Lavendon can be squared with being a Vicar in West Drayton.

Does anyone have any other information on Vicar John?


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