Small Tottington Clan Update, and Musings on Bury, St Mary Records

A recent email from Richard Tipping added his parents to the Tottington Clan, so I have added them, and made some other minor corrections in the process.

Also as part of my discussions with Pam Lofthouse in relation to my previous post about her Samuel, I was reintroduced to David Robinson’s Always Turn the Page which I featured way back in Issue 5 of the Newsletter, and to an Appendix he subsequently sent me. The subject of these is the family of William Warburton and his wife Catherine Fleming.

Catherine was born in the Nightingale Lane Workhouse, which was situated near the Tower of London, the illegitimate daughter of Ann Fleming. She was one of 2,000 children who were despatched north to serve the textile mills as part of a Pauper Apprentice Program, between 1802 and 1811.

William’s own background is uncertain. William’s age is 77 in the 1871 census, and 79 when is death was registered in  the third quarter of 1872, This gives a date of birth between April and September 1793. His age is a little younger in earlier censuses, and I couldn’t find him in 1851.

His place of birth is given as Tottington so I am keen to see if he fits into the Tottington clan. The only William whose baptism is recorded on the Lancashire On-Line Parish Clerk site whose abode is Tott[ington] is the son of John, born on April 25th 1793, and baptised at Bury, St Mary on June 16th.

My next step was to find John’s marriage. Unfortunately Bury, St Mary was very late in beginning to  record mother’s names on baptisms. Nevertheless, if there is a distinct sequence of baptisms with an abode of Tottington I might expect the marriage to be shortly before. Alas things aren’t that simple. I found the following list of baptisms, with a sizeable gap before and after:

  • Robert born 29/6/1777
  • Betty born 21/9/1777
  • Richard born 31/6/1781
  • Mary born 16/5/1781
  • James born 23/2/1783
  • Samuel born 15/9/1783
  • Jessy born 25/9/1784
  • Adam born 28/5/1785
  • Mary born 12/3/1786
  • Samuel born 18/3/1787
  • John born 8/12/1787
  • Thomas born 7/9/1788
  • James born 11/10/1789
  • Betty born 13/12/1789
  • Betty born 23/7/1790
  • Jacob born 3/11/1791
  • John born 13/1/1792
  • William born 25/4/1793
  • Peggy born 18/9/1795
  • Jinny born 21/7/1797

That makes 20 children and at least two families. The four year gap between 1777 and 1781 is puzzling as it seems to have occurred simultaneously in two families.  Some of the names are interesting. William’s own sons included Samuel and Adam. The Tottington clan includes Richards, Roberts, and Jacobs. It also includes Betty, John, Peggy, and Jinny from the above list as the children of John and Betty Lord who married in 1790. John’s brothers included Richard, Jacob, and James. They had a further 4 children born at Harwood, where John died on Hey Heads farm in 1812. The Tottington clan includes a couple of submitted trees so I can’t claim this as my own research.

It is also interesting that John was nearly 38 when he married Betty who was about 16 years younger. Although no earlier marriage is shown, it must be a possibility he was married before.

The next step was to search for possible marriages. Bury was a large parish and many couples whose children were baptised at local chapels such as Edenfield and Holcombe were married there. The ones I found at Bury, St Mary were:

  • John and Ann Taylor 5/4/1768. John is described as a hatter, and witnesses are James and Jacob. However the future husband of Betty Lord was not yet 16 years old.  Five children of John of Bury were baptised between 1769 and 1776, with one of Bury Lane baptised in 1779 who could also belong to John and Ann.  On the 1776 baptism John is a hatter. However there is also a baptism for John of Bury in 1766 so some of these could belong to and earlier family.
  • John and Esther Magnall 26/9/ 1769. Thomas was a witness.
  • John and Martha Tootell 12/5/1772.
  • John and Mary Jackson 6/10/1776. James was a witness. Although this fits well with the 1777 baptisms there are also three children of John of  Elton baptised between  1777 and 1780.
  • John and Ann Lomax 11/12/1781. This is too late for the 1781 baptisms so probably isn’t relevant.

If anyone can sort this lot out I would love th hear from them.


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