A Descendant of Warburton Pike

In October 2016 I posted a link to the story of Warburton Pike, a naturalist, author, adventurer, miner and philanthropist who lived on the island of Saturna in British Columbia in the late 19th century. I also explored his Warburton links. He was the grandson of William Pike and Ann Warburton who married on August 13th 1803 at Norton in the Moors, Staffordshire. He was not the first Warburton Pike from this family. Others included an uncle, and his cousin, Lawrence Warburton Pike.

In May of this year, in a post called More on the Potters, I wrote about Ann’s father Jacob Warburton a famous potter from a family of potters in Staffordshire.

Today I received an email from a direct descendant of Lawrence Warburton Pike as follows.

My great, great, grandfather was Lawrence Warburton Pike. 
He had a fling with Eliza Miller which produced my great grandfather William Lewis Miller. One of his sons was my grandfather, Frederick Lionel Miller who had a son and daughter. My mother is Maureen nee Miller. So there are still direct, yet illegitimate descendants of the Warburton Pike family!  
We still live in Dorset, in Poole.
Very best wishes 
Peter Keats (another Purbeck stone quarrying family)



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  1. Im looking for a larry warburton From rishton would be around 65ish now hes my father and i think he might have killed himself a few years ago but i want to see if i could find his family or to see if he is alive or dead or any children of his larry may had a dad called ken

    1. No Larry births registered 1938-60, but he was probably a Lawrence or Laurence. A few of these, but none in the Rishton area (registered at Darwin I believe). Looked for marriages based on mother’s maiden name but none involved a Ken. Any further clues?

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