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I recently posted Pam Lofthouse’s plea for information on her great grandfather Samuel. I decided to do a bit more digging and came up with the following:

Samuel Warburton (1821? – 1904)
The evidence we have of Samuel’s age is that he was 60 when he married on February 11th 1881, and he was 83 when he died on July 6th 1904.
His marriage age gives a birth date of February 12th 1820 to February 11th 1821. His age at death narrows this down to July 7th 1820 to February 11th 1821.
One or both of these ages could be incorrect so we need t look for all known baptisms around that date. It is also possible there is no baptism record available. It wouldn’t be the first time I have failed to find a baptism record for someone who is as large as life in the censuses.
I searched for all baptisms  between 1818 and 1824 and then sought to eliminate as many as possible. As Samuel was deported in 1857, anyone who can be found in the 1861 or subsequent censuses, plus anyone whose death can be identified, cannot be Pam’s Samuel. In all I found 14 baptisms and was able to eliminate 10 of them. Fortunately many of them married at a time when the groom’s father was routinely recorded in the parish registers, making it easier to tie a marriage to an earlier baptism.
Of those I found the following can be eliminated:
  1. Baptised on January 25th 1818, born December 25th 1817, son of John and Lydia,  at Sheffield, St Peter. He is most likely the Samuel, son of John who  married Harriet Eaton in 1838 and is with her in the 1861 census.
  2. Baptised on August 29th 1818, born January 30th, son of James and Miah, at Tottington, St Ann. He married his 2nd wife Alice Pickup on 12th September 1852 and is with her in the 1861 census.
  3. Baptised on March 21st 1819, born on February 22nd son of Thomas and Mary, at Sheffield, St Peter. He married Hannah Hall on  April 20th 1840. He was a grinder of full age,  she was a minor. He was probably buried on June 2nd 1892, aged 73 at Walkley, St Mary, Sheffield.
  4. Baptised on October 31st 1819, son of James and Mary, at Shocklach. He married Hannah Rogers on January 17th 1842 as a labourer, son of James.  He  is not in censuses until 1871 and only the last of his children, a Charles, seems to have been registered.
  5. Baptised on July 23rd 1820, born March 22nd, son of James and Ann, at Tottington, St Ann. He married Phoebe Haworth on May18th  1845, as a warper of full age, son of James. He died in 1876, aged 56 in Edenfield.
  6. Baptised on August 20th 1820 son of Thomas and Elizabeth, at Liverpool, St Peter.  He married Sarah Perry on November 30th 1840, as a butcher, father Thomas, and is in the  1851 census as a butcher living with his mother Elizabeth.  He is not in subsequent censuses, but is probably the Samuel whose death was registered in Liverpool in the 3rd quarter of 1855, aged 36 .
  7. Baptised on September 16th 1821, born February 26th, son of William and Catherine, at Tottington, St Anne. He married Susanna Bridge on June 28th 1840, as a minor and warehouseman. He is present in the 1861 census.
  8. Baptised on May 6th 1821, born on March 13th, son of Esau and Alice, at Bury, St Mary. He married Naomi Howard on December 6th 1846, and is present in the 1861 census.
  9. Baptised on November 18th Nov 1823, son of David and Mary, at Radcliffe, St Mary. He died on July 7th aged 3 years 5 mths, recorded as the son of David and Mary.
  10. Baptised on February 29h 1824, son of Peter and Ann, at Flixton. He married Hannah Raynor on August 7th 1852,  aged 29 the son of Peter. He is present in the 1861 census.

The four remaining possibles are:

  1. Baptised on September 20th  1818, born on August 9th, son of John and Martha, at Radcliffe, St Mary. He may be the 2 year old who was buried on January 18th 1822, but the age disparity makes it uncertain. He is not obvious in censuses.
  2. Baptised on November 5th 1820, born on September 19th son of George and Elizabeth, at Radcliffe, St Mary.  He is the only one with actual evidence he was born on a date which fits Samuel’s declared ages. No other evidence  has been found though he matches a burial in Stockport  on 19th June 1838 aged 17.
  3. Baptised on January 7th  1821, son of John and Esther,  at Mellor, Derby.  His baptism date  means he was almost certainly born within the dates that match Samuel’s declared ages. No other evidence  has been found though he matches a burial in Stockport  on 19th June 1838 aged 17.
  4. Baptised on March 17th March 1822, son of Joseph and Clementina, at  Bowdon, Mary, abode Dunham. He probably married Mary Douglas at Manchester Cathedral on May 18th 1840 and is in Liverpool in 1851 with Mary and 2 children, Charles (10) and Emma (6), both born in Manchester. His place of birth is given as Dunham, Lancashire. I can’t find them in 1861 or subsequently.

One other known factor is that there is  a Samuel married to Elizabeth in the US 1870 and 1880 censuses for Auburn New York, who was born in 1822/3 in England.

So no definite candidate, but I have a sneaky feeling for the son of Joseph and Clementine. It is believed Samuel was married with a family in England before he was deported, and he lived in Manchester at one time. Joseph’s son ticks both these boxes.

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