Haslingden Parish Update

My recent work on the Edenfield clan, which is still not finished, has resulted in a number of updates to my spreadsheets of the Haslingden parish records. Then recently Stephen Carr has brought a couple of things to my attention.

The first was the availability of some 17th century records I didn’t have before. These confirm my assumption that John, who married Christian Ffish in 1694, and Thomas, who married Jennet Hayurst in 1696, are indeed brothers, and sons of Robert.

The second was he discovered that Mary Anderton, who married James Warburton in 1783, had an illegitimate son called James six years earlier. This James used both Anderton and Warburton as his name, eventually combining them on his gravestone. Indeed on his marriage record to Betty Butterworth in 1798 his name was initially recorded as Warburton, but then crossed out and changed to Anderton. This gives an additional James and Betty family which helps rationalise the large number of children allocated to James and Betty nee Grimshaw. One of these,  Charles also used Anderton as a middle name, including on the same grave his parents are buried in.

I have also reviewed the parentage of the James who married Betty Grimshaw, as he would have been just 17 when he married, and there is not note that it was with the consent of parents. He was possibly theJames born in 1769 to Thomas and Susan Barnes, but I have not been able to link this Thomas to the Haslingden clan, so James and Betty cannot be included in that clan.

I have therefore just loaded updated Baptisms, Burials and Families for Haslingden on the Parishes page. The related updates to the Haslingden clan, including a new James Anderton Warburton family will have to wait a couple of weeks as I am departing on holiday tomorrow (two weeks in Madeira).

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