Edenfield and Related Updates

I have just completed the following updates to the site:

  1. I have completed a major update to the Edenfield clan. As a result it has more than doubled in size. However there are still a number of lines which haven’t been fully explored. Maybe I will return to them in the future, but if anyone does explore one of these I would be happy to include your updates, especially if you can send them to me as a GEDCOM.
  2. The update include a greatly expanded chart. and a new format Descendant Report. Both are in PDF format so you should be able to download them if you wish.
  3. I have published a paper on The Edenfield Clan and Related Peters which covers a lot of the research which went into the clan. This paper can be found on the Papers page and is also a PDF.
  4. I have also published a set of Rossendale Parish Records. These cover St. Emmanuel, Holcombe, Edenfield Chapel, and St, Nicholas, Newchurch-in-Rossendale. These can be found on the Parishes page and include baptisms, burials, and a few marriages (most marriages in the area continued to be held at St Mary, Bury). I have also compiled a list of the families on a best fit basis, linked them together wherever possible, and used colours to indicate which belong to the various clans.
  5. I have updated the Combined Index.
  6. All the above can also be accessed from the sidebar.

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