FTDNA Christmas Sale

Update:  I was wrong. There are additional reductions, but they are a bit different this year.

This week (to Dec 23rd) the following extra discounts are available:

$10 off orders over $50. Means Y37 is only $89. Use code Jolly10.

$15 off orders over $150. Means BigY500 is only $484. Use code Jolly15.

Click here and then select Join, and choose the product of your choice.


The FTDNA Christmas sale has now begun and runs to December 31st. They have done away with all the special vouchers this year so the offer is quite simple. The tests most relvant to the Warburton Project are:

Y37 at $99, normally $149 when ordered through the project, or £169 full price. You could get an equivalent test at YSEQ for $84, but then the results wouldn’t be incorporated into the Warburton project results page.

BigY500 at $499, normally $649.

For more information of Y-chromosome DNA testing see my DNA Project page, and in particular the first two linked papers:

DNA and its Uses in Genealogy
A Strategy for DNA

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