New Family Tree, and Some Updates

I have added a new family tree called the Loris Family. As a convention I call trees with 50 plus Warburtons a Clan, and anything smaller a Family. This one is based on input from Loris Cooper and is important because it is already connected to the Lancashire Group by DNA.

I have also made small updates to the Poynton Clan, based on input from Rex Warburton, who is  taking the Y37 DNA test, and to the Bolton (Bakers) Clan based on input from Martin Warburton.

The Combined Index is also updated.

The Ashley and Morley Clan has been moved out of the Cheshire Group, as my conjecture that it is connected to the Hale Barns clan was not supported by a DNA result. In time I may get the chance to triangulate this result to see if it applies to most or all of the Ashley and Morley clan, or was introduced by a non-paternal event at some point.

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