Nottinghamshire Clan Added

I have just added a brand new clan, the Nottinghamshire clan. It is based on a tree provided by Adrian Warburton and includes 248 new people, 180 of them Warburtons.

It originates in 1665, and I had hopes of linking it to the West Virginia clan which originates in a similar area. Alas no link is obvious, but the clan does have a number of possible undeveloped lines, including the descendants of two illegitimate sons of a Hannah Warburton born in 1758. Also as yet it lacks the normal level of detail I like to provide from censuses etc. Hopefully it can be expanded in the future.

2 thoughts

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Ray. It’s at least a glimmer of hope for a connection.

    I have found where my Thomas Warburton arrived in 1842 at the port of New Orleans, from a ship out of Liverpool. The ship’s name is illegible though.

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