Recent DNA Results and Test Priorities

This post highlights some recent DNA results that are covered in the DNA Results Commentary, but not previously published. In addition I learned today that the results of a Big Y ordered during the Xmas sale are now available, and it was handled as a Big Y-700 test. I hope to have more on this in due course

I have also reviewed test priorities to help find future candidates for Big Y testing in time for the next sale. I can then start seeking finance. The General Fund already has $500 to help with this.

Recent Results 

Warburtons of Nottingham and Ashley

The Ashley and Morley clan has characteristics, and geography which suggest a relationship with the Hale Barns clan and the Cheshire Group. It descends primarily from William, born in Ashley in 1754, and believed to be the son on Josiah and Martha nee Bradley of Altrincham.

An experimental 17 marker STR test at YSEQ produced an exact match with the same 17 markers of an earlier test from the Nottinghamshire clan. This clan was recently published and descends from two sons of John who were born in the 1660s. A test from a descendant of the other brother is in process. 

Warburtons of Poynton 

A recent match is between two results from the Poynton clan. The clan originates with Joseph who first appeared in 1791 on the baptism of the first of 3 children of Joseph and Sarah of Torkington, baptised at Marple. Sarah died in 1795 and Joseph married Hannah Marsland at Stockport in 1796. They had 10 children, and the two results are from descendants of two of their sons, so triangulating the whole clan. From Joseph’s age at death he was born around 1767, but I haven’t identified his baptism, or his first marriage to Sarah. I presume he and Sarah moved to Torkington from elsewhere, maybe attracted by the coal mines.

Warburtons of Jamaica

There are a number of Warburtons in Jamaica, and there are entries in slave registers from the 1820s that include both Warburton owners, and two small mixed race boys who are untypically given a surname, which is Warburton. A resent Y-37 Jamaican result reveals a European Y-chromosome, being haplogroup R-M269, but it is unmatched.

Samuel Warburton

Samuel Warburton (circa 1821-1904) was a convicted felon sentenced in Manchester and transported first to Bermuda, and then Western Australia where his known descendants live. One of these took Big Y and is unmatched. The full results have now been received and will be reported on in due course.

Test Priorities

Cheshire Group

The Partington branch of the Cheshire Group has just one Big Y result, and four clans that need testing to see where they fit this result, using the panel I have created at YSEQ. The Partington clan I am currently developing from the Pennsylvania clan is the core clan so a Big Y-700 test from this clan would be nice.

Lancashire Group

STR TMRCA calculations identified three results that share an early common ancestor with the other clans in the Group. These need to be SNP tested, ideally using Big Y-700. These are:

  • The Turton result which has STR TMRCA dates of 1315 and 1490 when compared with the Edenfield and related clans. 
  • The Haslingden clan has a slightly older TMRCA than Turton. 
  • The Haslingden/Utah clan looks even more distant so a new Big Y test is particularly desirable.

As it is not possible to retest the original testers alternative testers need to be found.

Other Groups

There are now three groups of two clans each, These are:

  • The West Cheshire Group comprising the Tilston clan, and Liverpool and Oldham clan.
  • The South Cheshire Group comprising the Coppenhall and Audley clans.
  • The new group comprising the Nottinghamshire clan, and the Ashley and Morley clan.

These are prime candidates for a Big Y-700 test followed by some specific SNP tests to see how recently the clans are linked.

Other Clans

Only two other results have had additional SNP testing. Both were previously unmatched, and one, possibly both, are likely non-paternal events. One was a specific SNP test, and the other has just become the project’s first Big Y-700 result.

No other result, or clan has explored SNPs. Some, like the Warburton Village, Garryhinch, and Poynton clans have matched STR results within the clan, others have just one unmatched STR result, and others have none at all.

Some clans were only recently associated with the Warburton name. Testing the Bancroft and Mongon clans, or any other results known to have come from a non-paternal event, would help to understand their history before they became Warburtons.

In all the above situations a Big Y-700 test would be beneficial.

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